Sunday, October 10, 2010

Books with Bite Gets a Halloween Header

It's after 2 a.m. so my brain is a little too fried to come up with anything ingenious to say to go along with Savy at Books with Bite's before and after shots. I'll probably edit this post tomorrow to make it sound a little more interesting. Until then, I'll just say this. In designing the new header, I was trying to keep with the theme and feel of Savy's everyday header and footer, the latter of which remained on the blog, while still evoking Halloween. Originally, I was going to mix Photoshopped photos and vectors, but as I went along preparing the background in Photoshop, I found myself adding more and more elements until the whole header was done.

Here is Savy's everyday header:

And here is her new Halloween look:

She also got a matching signature for Halloween. Stop by her blog tomorrow (or technically today) when she posts a new post to see it.