Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Blogger Design: See Red Run

I FINALLY remembered to take a before shot of a design. Quite frankly, it may be the only thing I remembered today. Don't even ask about the incident with the dog's missing pain pills this morning. Let's just say I was lucky I didn't end up swinging from the rafters, if I had rafters. Maybe I do in the attic, but I digress...

Anyway, here is the before shot of the blog See Red Run:

And here is the after:

Check out her blog next week for a slideshow of her featured runs. We're just waiting on her photos to come in.

Meanwhile, check back here tomorrow or Saturday for befores and afters of Kira Kira Life. I'm going to try to get my portfolio updated this weekend, too, if anyone wants to see it all in one place instead of scrolling through posts.

Also don't forget I'm having a sale this week--10% off of everything. Please, please, please, if you've been thinking about an order, place one now. I really need to get those bar dues paid before I get slapped with a huge fine.