Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Blogger Design: Mo Travels

My newest design is for Monique from Mo Travels. Monique wanted a blog design that incorporated green, fuchsia, and purple and an avatar version of herself. Here is Mo Travel's before shot:

And here is the site's after:

Everything is handdrawn except the suitcase the avatar is sitting on and the fleur de lis. The suitcase is a stock image that already had the colors and everything I needed so I figured that there was no reason to draw my own version. I also did a Twitter page for Monique and restructured the blog images so that they would work with a Pagemodo Facebook template. Here is the new Twitter page:

On wider resolutions, you'll be able to see the footer images to the right side of the Twitter box. I don't have a shot of the Facebook page yet, but once it's installed, I will post shots.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Blogger Design: Bandz by Liz

My newest design is for Bandz by Liz. Liz makes fabric headbands for girls and women of all ages and bowties for little boys. Here is her site's before shot:

And here is her after:

The header and button images are all handdrawn except for the headband patterns. I used Photoshop brushes for those because they looked much better and a lot closer to the patterns that are on Liz's real headbands. The floral background pattern is a stock image.