Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moving Delay

Hey, everyone.  The Wednesday before last I found out from my realtor that my house was finally going to close.  The only problem is it was a week later. Yes, I had to move out in a week, and take a three bedrooms and a garage home down to a one bedroom apartment in a week.  At that point, I didn't even have an apartment or know where I was going so I spent all of last week trying to get that setup and move.  This week I'm still unpacking, and to make matters worse I caught an awful chest cold, probably because I was only getting three hours of sleep each night for a week and nuking my immune system, and a pipe in my new place had a hole in it and flooded half the apartment two nights ago.  So now I have to wait for the apartment complex to put in new carpet padding in half the apartment, patch a huge hole in the wall, and for all the unpacked boxes to dry out.  It's really not my week, or my two weeks to be specific.

Anyway, I'm going to do everything in my power to get back to going on designs this weekend.  So sorry for the delay.  The first time I had an offer on the house, I had six weeks to close, so I thought for sure that I would have six again, but no such luck.  Just a week.

Oh, and if you placed an order during that week I was moving and have paid your deposit, you will be up on the waiting list this weekend.  You're technically there now.   I just haven't had the chance to physically type you onto it.  If you placed an order this week and haven't heard from me, I will get back to you on the order this weekend as well.