Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some Slight Changes to My Policies

Effectively immediately, I will no longer take any orders via the Contact form or directly via my or my blog's email addresses. I will answer any questions you have about placing an order that way, but the order process will not formally take place until you have filled out the Questionnaire and agreed to my Terms of Service.

Please take a look at the Terms of Service page before placing an order or asking me questions, especially those parts involving payment, when I start working on your design, and my reservation of the right to charge more should your requested revisions become excessive. If you need an example of what I would consider excessive versus not excessive, not excessive would be choosing from a handful of fonts that I show you or asking me to change a font a couple of times. Excessive would be making me go through 30 fonts or more and still not finding one you like or having me spend two days on fonts alone.

One more request. If you hire me and I ask you a specific question in an email, please try to answer it to the best of your abilities, or if you can't at that time, please tell me you can't or you haven't decided. For instance, if I ask you if a font color is okay, either tell me that it is or ask for different color options at that particular point in time. If you remain silent, I'm going to take it to mean that the color choice is okay with you and proceed accordingly. I don't want to find out 20 emails later when I'm ready to install your design that you really hate the color or whatever design choice that I previously asked you about. Plus, the more you answer my questions, the better I will be able to give you exactly what you want design-wise.

Sorry for all the technical mumbo jumbo, but sometimes you have to learn these things as you go along, and my TOS page is long enough.